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Why We Actually Give a SHIT about SEO Now

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Why We Actually Give a SHIT about SEO Now...

For a long time, we've been very successful in running very concentrated and highly targeted paid advertisements with insane precision and we've won a lot by doing so. And throughout the years we never really gave a damn about the best practices for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because we've always been so effective as running well formulated paid and sponsored advertising campaigns.

So why are we now changing our position and actually giving a shit about SEO?

Well, very simply because we are data-driven and the data suggest that it is a worthy business investment to do everything you can to win at the organic positions for the same focuses you would naturally have with your paid advertising campaigns. That is if you are able to win with paid advertising for a given focus, then you are likely to get a multiplied effect if you are able to win organically for these same focuses.

We still lean very hard on paid advertising first and as the primary driver to stimulating business and stimulating more business fast but we also do see the value in winning in regards to the organic positioning for the same targeted markets we are able to also effectively win at with our paid advertising campaigns.

So now if someone were to ask us the question — PPC versus SEO? We'd say that's the wrong question. The right question, is what are you doing to augment BOTH of these systems to it's highest and fullest potential.

Now if you need a Technical SEO Professional? Know that our Chief Technology Officer and Marketing Strategist, Davin Casely ranks in the Top 3% worldwide on CodeWars and also happens to own two Sales Records for 2 different Fortune 500 Companies....

Development team also includes one developer who has been recruited by Amazon & Tesla and another developer who has contributed an extensive amount to Meta Facebook's codebase...

If you need Content SEO? Know that we believe that combining your text content related SEO efforts with Video SEO (yes, that's right Video SEO) can lead to a multiplied effect in respect to qualitative content and engagement which everyone knows will make the Gods of SEO aka Google very happy.

And if you need Video SEO, know that our video team is led by 2 individuals who (1) one has a show airing right now on HBO Max called “Rap S***” and has conducted commercials for Adidas and several other prominent companies… And (2) another individual who has aired on commercials for Jack Daniels, Ashley Furniture, Credit Sesame, Virgin Cruise Lines (very recently and he was on set with popstar - Jennifer Lopez) and some of his commercials have aired during prime time hours like Super Bowl, Sunday/Monday Night Football…

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