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Our Chief Technology Officer Ranks in the Top 3% Worldwide on CodeWars
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Where Software Development &
Marketing Performance Meet

Used by some of the world's most prominent Legal and Medical Organizations, The Casely Group is a Software Development Company Leveraging Data Analytics, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence to Optimize Your Marketing & Sales Performance 📈

Pricing Starting at $500/month

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Trial Lawyers University
Panish Shea Boyle Ravipudi (PSBR) Trial College
Parris Law Firm
Good | Gustafson | Aumais LLP
Priority Responsible Funding
Gerry Spence Method
The Ortega Firm
TBI Med Legal
Brain Trust Legal Group
Ernst Law Group
Marc Brown Law Firm
Shane Smith Law
Levinson Law Group
The Samuel Law Firm
One Injury Attorneys
3D Forensic
Parris Trial College
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MD Certified Life Care Planners
Brain Mapping Solutions
Brain Injury Association of California
The Sourcery
TBI Analytics
Gavin Agency
The Society of Women Trial Lawyers
Medical Injury Rehabilitation Specialists
Viva Therapy Solutions
Stratejic Relationships
Victoria Pain & Rehabilitation Center
Spine Injury Physicians
She Crosses Trial Skills Clinic
iHealth Plans
Gulf Coast Insurance Lawyers
Ben Dominguez Injury Lawyers
Valhalla Plus
Ruy Mireles Law Firm
Michael Madadi Law Firm
The Simon Law Firm, P.C.
Louis Law Firm
Ride Out Law
Cloward Trial Lawyers
California Trial Law Group
The Morrell Law Firm

Learn How To Turn Your Website Into A Perpetual Lead Generating Sales Machine

A Measured, Disciplined & Analytical Approach to
Marketing & Advertising

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The reason for our success with our clients is the fact that we take a very Measured, Disciplined & Analytical Approach to all that we do when it comes to Marketing & Advertising. We eliminate the guess work in regards to what may or may not be working by Measuring Everything, Analyzing Data and Allowing The Data to direct the ship in the right direction.

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"Davin Casely is the most relentless marketing professional that I have ever met... He is a Marketing Genius... If you don't hire him, then you don't want to make money..."

Dan Ambrose
Trial Lawyers University

Dan Ambrose, CEO of Trial Lawyers University

"Davin Casely is the man. His expertise in Software Engineering and Marketing is off the charts. I highly recommend Davin for anyone who wants to dominate their market, and work with the best..."

Darryl Isaacs
Brain Trust Legal Group

Darryl Isaacs, CEO of Brain Trust Legal Group

"Davin Casely uses his skills masterfully in the world of sales, because it is precisely his particular ability to convey empathy that guides the sales journey with his clients."

Hector Miranda, MD
MD Certified Life Care Planners

Dr. Hector Miranda, Medical Director

What's Managed For Performance? All the tools needed to augment your
Marketing Performance.

Next.js IconWeb Development

High Performance Data-Driven Conversion Focused Business Growth Web Development

Node.js IconSoftware Applications

Software Development Team Led by Top 3% CodeWars Chief Technology Officer

Heap IconHeap Insights & Analytics

Watch Session Replays of User Behavior & Track Conversions with Heap Insights

Google Analytics GA4 IconGoogle Analytics (GA4)

Google Analytics (GA4) with Conversion Performance Data & Analysis Setup & Integration

Google Ads IconGoogle (PPC) Advertising

Google Ads Account (Including Competitive Analysis Research) Setup & Optimization

Meta Facebook IconMeta Facebook Ads

Meta Facebook Ads Accounts Setup & Optimization (Includes Conversion Data & Tracking)

LinkedIn IconLinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Ads Account (Includes Conversion Data & Tracking with LinkedIn Insights) Setup & Optimization

YouTube IconYouTube Advertising

YouTube Ads Account (Including Conversion Tracking) Setup & Optimization

Microsoft Ads IconMicrosoft Ads (Bing)

Microsoft Ads Account (Including Competitive Analysis Research) Setup & Optimization

Instagram IconSocial Media Marketing

Organic Social Media Marketing — 30 Social Media Posts Per Month

X Twitter IconTwitter Advertising

X (formerly known as Twitter) Ads Account (Including Conversion Tracking) Setup & Optimization

SendGrid Email Marketing IconEmail Marketing

Email Marketing (4 Sales-Focused Communication Pieces Per Month — Including Conversion Tracking)

Call Rail IconCall Tracking

Advanced Call Tracking, Call Recording & Call Analytics

Twilio SMS/Text Message Marketing IconSMS Marketing

SMS/Text Message Marketing (Including Conversion Tracking)

Google IconSearch Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with Conversion Performance Data & Analysis

Performance Plans Starting at $500/month

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